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Get the most out of each and every meeting with an all-in-one hub for meetings, tasks, and notes.

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Lack of meeting structure
Scattered notes & duplication of work
Poor task assignment & accountability
Limited post-meeting task progress & management
Wasted time in meetings without action
Enhance productivity with a clear meeting system
Boost collaboration with central hubs for meetings
Improve accountability with dedicated meeting tasks
Drive outcomes with post-meeting task management
Save hours by making each meeting worthwhile
All in one placeEasily find, collaborate, and drive outcomes using central hubs for each meeting.
Never lose a task againEffortlessly assign, track, and complete more tasks in or outside of meetings.
Everything you need to get the most out of meetings.
Track attendanceKeep track of who joins each meeting to improve ownership & collaboration.
Status trackingNo more chasing. Instead, track the status of each task in realtime.
Shared & private notesNever forget an idea with your own private notes in each meeting.
Optimised for mobileNever miss a thing on the go with a seamless experience on mobile.
Assign & delegate tasksImprove team accountability and drive better outcomes with tasks.
Personal tasks & notesLog tasks/notes outside of meetings without the need for other tools.
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